Text 24 Apr [Shadowrun Online] A little post-Easter update

Shadowrun Online - 24.04.2014 2:41PM

Hoi Chummers,

While everyone has been hunting Easter eggs, we have been busy with the next update. The details on the next big one will be sent out as soon as we’ve nailed them all down, but expect…

security systems, a hacker archetype character and a few more missions as well as mission goals other than “kill everything that moves”. This will also change the current missions (including random enemy spawns, making mission 4 a tactical challenge and less of a learn-by-heart puzzle), so replay should be more fun.

To tide you over until then, there’ll be an update out in early May including: First hint…

  • Yes! The Mac OSX version will come!!
    (Yeah we know, Linux needs to be done as well…but we need to start somewhere).
  • Cover system reworked – half cover now offers less protection and full cover significantly more. This was suggested by many of you and changes the gameplay tactics quite a bit to make your positioning and movement more meaningful.
  • An update to the PvP map
  • Updated detection, so it’ll be more obvious what your characters see (and what they don’t see).
  • Ragdolls – so everyone dies in visually pleasing and interesting ways.
  • Path smoothing – making running a less griddy affair. (Sorry for the pun…Ok, who spiked my chocolate bunny?).
  • Some shader improvements and mesh and texture improvements for all the characters.
  • More tooltips.
  • Many, many bug fixes.

This has already the first reactions to your comments in (such as cover, path smoothing and ragdolls), though not as many as we would have liked.

We did a lot of hotfixing on servers and mission 4 which cost us some time. We are currently working on several of your other suggestions to see how they affect the gameplay and will also talk about this in more detail in future updates.

And we are planning to do another video session dedicated to your comments and suggestions in Early May – we’ll announce it as soon as we’ve found a good timeslot.

We’ll keep you updated!


Original Article: http://www.shadowrun.com/shadowrun-online/2014/04/24/a-little-post-easter-update/

Text 24 Apr 3 notes Get your Shadowrun fiction fix with Sail Away, Sweet Sister!


New Shadowrun fiction is on sale now for your immediate consumption! It’s got hungry vampires, sardonic spirits, Anne Ravenheart, and so much more! Featuring Thomas McAllister, the main character of Another Rainy Night, the story is an exploration of shadowy deeds and dark desires–just what we like to see in Shadowrun! And as part of the Enhanced Fiction line, it comes with game statistics and rules for the main characters. If you buy the PDF version, the stats are right in the document. If you buy the ePub or Kindle version, you can get the stats for free right here. Or I guess you could just get the stats for free–but you’d be missing out on a great story!

Sail Away, Sweet Sister is available at the following outlets: The Battleshop has a bundle with the PDF, ePub, and mobi versions all bundled together; so does DriveThruRPG. Alternately, you can get the Kindle version at Amazon, and it will be coming soon to the Barnes & Noble online store–watch this space for the link!

Here are some more details if for some reason you haven’t already run out and grabbed it:

Monsters of the Shadows

Thomas McCallister’s area of expertise—the virus that turns metahumans into flesh-eating monsters—has taken him into some dark corners of the Sixth World. When he came face to face with the serial murderer known as the Mealtime Killer, he had hoped that a particularly dark chapter of his life had come to a close. But when night falls in the sprawls of the world, blood is still being shed, and people are still dying. Another killer is still out there, one that needs to be found and stopped, but the challenge McAllister is about to face is one he never could have anticipated. His resolve will be tested in ways he never anticipated in his darkest nightmares.

Sail Away, Sweet Sister builds on the events of Another Rainy Night, taking another dark turn down the streets of the Sixth World to face the monsters that lurk there. Along with a full short story, it contains game statistics for the major characters in the work, as well as spells, gear, and other game information that allows you can drop the people from this story right into your Shadowrun game (stats are included in the PDF version and will be made available as a free PDF that ePub/Kindle buyers can download).

Sail Away, Sweet Sister is dual-statted, meaning it can be used with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition or Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Text 22 Apr 14 notes [Shadowrun Online] No-commitment sneak-peeks!

Shadowrun Online - 22.04.2014 2:00PM

Yo Chummers,

Enjoy this entirely optional, no-commitment peek at what we may or may not be considering for the future.  ;)

Easter Update:
I like burning houses down, and factories as well – I like burning anything, it’s the truth I tell!

In the spirit (or rather the reverse-spirit) of easter, here’s a bunch of toys that will come in handy if you want something to stay really, really, permanently dead.
Burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it, burn it all away!


Today’s Update:
It’s been quiet in the past two weeks – mainly for the reason that after the release of the first-look version on steam we’ve been scrambling to fix what needed fixing, as well as adding a bunch of critical features and tweaking the core gameplay with all the feedback we got. To keep a tedious story short – there will be an update to the steam version soon, and more info here as the game progresses.

Until then, enjoy this! Groovy, eh?




Original Article: http://www.shadowrun.com/shadowrun-online/2014/04/22/no-commitment-sneak-peeks/

Text 22 Apr 1 note [Shadowrun Online] Welcome Soundrel!

Shadowrun Online - 22.04.2014 8:40AM

Hoi Chummers!

I’m happy to introduce my colleague to all of you. Please give him a nice welcome, as you did for me: Heya Soundrel!

Soundrel will be assisting me in matters of customer support, news posts and everything else you see my name on, and will be taking over for me in about a month’ time. He has already started doing so when it comes to support via e-mail and will become more visible for you in the next couple of weeks.

While Soundrel has already gained experience in the gaming industry, he’ll mainly have a back-ground role here on the forums, as our awesome Volunteers are already doing an outstanding job. However, if you have any direct matters you’d like discussed, don’t hesitate to send him a PM. :D

“I’ll be back” once my spouse takes over the babysitting ;)

For any support or backer related queries, please contact us per e-mail to sro-support@cliffhanger-productions.com

See you around, Chummers! <3



Original Article: http://www.shadowrun.com/shadowrun-online/2014/04/22/welcome-soundrel/

Text 20 Apr [JackPoint] What?
Text 19 Apr 3 notes [Shadowrun 5] Hero Lab SR5 Characters News

Text 19 Apr 12 notes Shadowrun Stolen Souls Art…


With Shadowrun Run & Gun PDF/Print Preorders available, time to start previewing art for the first Deep Shadows book for Shadowrun, Fifth Edition, Stolen Souls!


Link 16 Apr 4 notes Awakening, Shadowrunning and Analyzing the Game Industry With Jordan Weisman « GamingBolt.com: Video Game News, Reviews, Previews and Blog»

Shadowrun Returns creator and Harebrained Schemes founder Jordan Weisman is one of the most important and yet under-rated veterans in the gaming industry. The man was one of the original creators of the Shadowrun table-top RPG, created MechWarrior at FASA Corporation and with Shadowrun Returns, showed us that it’s possible to create an isometric tactical RPG funded on Kickstarter and make it a reality. Amazingly enough, his is one of the crowd-funded only projects to have been fully funded and released to the masses without any delays. He even had time to make the best better with Shadowrun: Dragonfall.

With that in mind, GamingBolt spoke to Weisman about the current state of the gaming industry, from next gen consoles and indie gaming to mobile platforms and the Steam Box. There’s been a lot going on in the industry as of late, but Weisman has more than enough to say and worth even more to listen to.

Text 15 Apr 23 notes Want to be a game designer? Play Games.


I just returned from Pax East (hence the slow-down in daily Tumblr posts…need to figure out how to pre-set those before Origins). And every time I attend a convention I invariable am asked “How do I know if I’m a game designer?”

And every time I hear that question I think of a similar question I once asked author Michael Stackpole ages ago: “How do I know I’m a writer?” And his response, without a pause, was “Are you writing? Then you’re a writer. If not, then you’re not.” 

I was taken aback at first. “But what about being published, what about an agent, what about…” And he cut me off. “Those are all after the fact. You’re not a writer unless you’re writer. Start there and once you’ve proven that point, you can then start working on the rest.”

The same applies to developing games (whether digital or tabletop, it’s the same). Are you designing games? Do you have a notebook(s) of ideas you scribble in? Do you play a game and if you find yourself disliking an element you immediately try to figure out how to “fix” it? Do you wake up in the middle of the night either with a new idea, or with a “fix” for an idea that’s been plaguing you about X or Y game design?

Then you’re a game designer. However, there’s a HUGELY important element, IMO, that I think far too many designer miss. All the best authors read monstrous amounts from every style and type of writing. All the best musical artists are constantly sampling music from around the globe. And the best game designers, again, IMO, are constantly playing games of every stripe. 

If you want to take that next step from just “being a designer” that has a note books full of games and pass into publication and seeing people at tables playing your games, then you need to know what’s out there. What are people playing and why. And if you hate a game and yet it sells like crazy, you need to step beyond your own likes and dislikes and play the game (many times if need be) to find what is drawing people in. How can you be inspired even by a game you dislike?

As you can see in the photos from one of my recent blogs I own a ton of games. And I play a ton of games. Constantly. Even if I wasn’t a game designer I’d be playing all the time. I simply am very blessed to be “required” to play games as part of my job to stay abreast of the exciting things going on in our hobby.

Yet despite all those games, here’s a new haul of games from Pax East for me to start diving into in the coming weeks and months.


Now some times you grab expansions for games you love (Zombicide!) But all the rest are games I’ve never played before. Some are from game designers/companies that have been making games for decades, others are brand new with their very first design. I’m anxious to dive in and tackle each and every one.

If you attend cons there is something you might see on the last day, just an hour or two before the show ends…and that’s various companies walking between their booths with armloads of games. There’s so many things I love about cons but this is one of my favorites. The excitement of fellow game designers to share their games…to want to play other games. To be inspired by great games to make even cooler games. 

Just play more games!


Text 15 Apr 4 notes

What are your ideas?

Text 14 Apr 1 note [Dragonfall] Two Interviews with Harebrained Schemes


Text 11 Apr [JackPoint] Lockdown!
Photo 11 Apr 3 notes 
Shadowrun 5th Ed demo at @catalystgamelab booth! #PAXEast2014 pic.twitter.com/eg6z99xgpE
— Matt Ballert (@NerdUnfiltered)
April 11, 2014

Text 11 Apr 1 note [Steam Sales] Shadowrun Returns: $14.99; Shadowrun Online: $20.99


Photo 11 Apr 2 notes 
http://t.co/jBNa9Ci2GR Dante&#8217;s Inferno is hopping with the first mission of the day @PaxEast&#8230; rnb
— CatalystGameLab (@catalystgamelab) April 11, 2014

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