Text 28 Jul 8 notes Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover (Mission Playtest Cards)


We just posted up a “Dev Blog 3" for our coming Shadowrun board game, Hostile Takeover. Thought I’d include some of the Mission cards text as they currently stand (again, these are playtesting stats, so no text is  final…and of course, neither is the layout as it’s just me tossing it into an Illustrator template to print out on cards for playtesting).

Nevertheless, enjoy.





Text 28 Jul 4 notes [Hostile Takeover] Designer Blog Part 3


Hello again! Yeah, here I am again, filling the Matrix with fresh information about the upcoming Shadowrun: Hostile Takeover. Last time we looked at the employees that the players will be bringing on board to fulfill their grandiose machinations; in this installment of my designer’s blog we are going to look at exactly what those employees—specifically the shadowrunners—will be doing to achieve dominance of Seattle.

Other than specialized victory conditions unique to each megacorporation, which we will look at in closer detail soon enough, Hostile Takeover is won through the accumulation of Influence. Influence comes in many forms; money, power, control… all the things that any good megacorp needs to wrap its fingers around the throat of a city. The very heart of the game revolves around the acquisition, expenditure and accumulation of the Influence resource. This is primarily done through the completion of two very different types of assets for a megacorp, Missions and Schemes.

During each game turn, players will have their chance to add Missions to their megacorp’s queue for later completion. Whether drawn at random from the Mission Deck or chosen specifically from previously discarded Missions on the Message Boards (a cool place to toss discarded Missions for others to potentially take up), megacorps send their shadowrunner teams to go and complete a variety of tasks. Missions are broken down into three different categories of tasks; Conflict, Matrix and High Society. Each Mission can be completed in two different ways based on what type of Mission it is. Conflict Missions use combat skills and brute force to accomplish, Matrix Missions use hacking and technomancy, and High Society Missions are undertaken with words, drinks and general schmoozing. Things don’t always go as planned for shadowrunners, so each Mission has an alternative method on how to fulfil them. Sometimes your ‘runners don’t have enough bullets and might have to just talk their way out of an early grave, after all.

Succeeding at Missions earn the megacorps Influence, adjusts public opinion, and can have several other cool effects. Whether your teams are setting fires in the Barrens, putting on Rocker parties at the Lucas, or running guns for the NAN, Missions accomplish this in your megacorp’s name.

Megacorps can play nice and just look out for themselves, but that rarely pans out in the world of Shadowrun. When a player wants to knock his opponents down a peg, they send their shadowrunner teams out on Schemes. These types of cards come in two forms; Active and Counter Intel. Both are drawn at random from the Scheme Deck, but they do drastically different things. Active Schemes are effectively like Missions, except they target an opposing megacorp directly. Assassinations of corporate assets, underhanded smear campaigns, or downright direct theft of resources can be found within Schemes, and more. Counter Intel is a completely different matter. They are Scheme cards that held back to use as interrupting reactions to specific game instances. When things look bleak in a Conflict Mission, call in an Ork Ganger Ambush for help. Want to screw over the Aztechnology player? Throw a huge PR party making them look like knights in shining armor. Tired of your opponent gaining Influence from the Alabaster Maiden each turn? Burn it down. That is the sort of things Schemes will do for you.

Speaking of Aztechnology, there is a lot more to tell you about Hostile Takeover that will have to wait until next time. Next time we will look at the Megacorporations themselves, and their unique ways of playing the game against one another. Until then…

Good gaming to you all,

Bryan C.P. Steele

Text 27 Jul 13 notes Shadowrun: Crossfire…more proof it really exists!


19 days until Gen Con…31 days until a Street Date. It’s almost here!



Video 25 Jul 8 notes

[Shadowrun Returns]

WeBeHarebrained’s One-Year Anniversary Message to Kickstarter Backers

Text 23 Jul 2 notes [Shadowrun Online] Dev-Diary #5: The sound of silence

Shadowrun Online - 18.07.2014 12:43PM

One of the things most of you have liked so far is the fact that our characters have voices. Despite fully voiced characters being a major headache for any dev team we felt that it would give much more atmosphere and life to the world we hope to create.

The system we implemented for the first-look alpha (and that you have seen so far) is mission based, but doesn’t know anything about specific characters. That means that if someone does something within a mission, which causes a text to be triggered the person who caused this is picked, and gets the first line.

For that to work, every character has to have every line of dialogue, and they all need to fit together. For the first mission (where we know that only Takshak and Payday can be present) the exchange after the first door is opened looks like this:


Text 23 Jul [Shadowrun Online] Graffiti Submission Deadline: July 29
Text 23 Jul 7 notes Signal Boost



By randall

“I know I sound like I’m talking about a roleplaying game, and it’s not. But it lends itself well to telling a good story.” Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower


I wish I knew someone headed to GenCon to grab me a copy, because I would love to have this to play at DragonCon with my awesome friends. Maybe I will get lucky and one of the merchants will have a copy there I can grab.

The street date is two days before Dragon*Con begins, so your LGS may have it by then depending on the whims of Diamond and the gods. I can signal boost in case there are people going to both, or who are willing to send you a box from Indy, or some other arrangement.

Text 23 Jul 7 notes Shadowrun: Crossfire Street Date: August 27

By randall

“I know I sound like I’m talking about a roleplaying game, and it’s not. But it lends itself well to telling a good story.” Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower


Shadowrun: Crossfire is the hotly-anticipated deck-building game in one of the most popular game settings of all time. Crossing cyperpunk with fantasy and plunging players into a world dominated by ruthless megacorporations, Crossfire gives players the chance to dive into the world’s shadows to see if they can survive. They’ll have weapons, spells, contacts, and gear to help them out, and they’re going to need those resources. If they play their cards right, they’ll do more than survive—they’ll become legends.

Visit your local game store to pre-order Crossfire for its August 27th Street Date. However, if you don’t have a friendly local game store, you can preorder it right now online!

Pre-order Crossfire Base Game


Pre-order Crossfire Character Expansion Pack 1


Shadowrun: Crossfire will be on sale at Gen Con! We’re not able to bring as many copies as we’d like, but there will be some good stacks to ravage!

We just finished a Virtual Run that netted the Demo Box Rules and Cards for anyone to play RIGHT NOW (scroll to the bottom of the page for the last two links). In the coming weeks before the game hits store selves we’ll release more Missions for use with that Demo Box, the complete, full rules, and more! Stay tuned, chummers!

Text 22 Jul 10 notes Shadowrun: Crossfire, blogs in review



We’ve been posting a lot of cool stuff surrounding Shadowrun: Crossfire. Including the fact that the Street Date has been announced and if you don’t have a local game store, you can order it directly from us now.

However, despite all the fun news, there may be some of you that are relatively new to hearing about Crossfire and would like some more details. For well over a year we’ve been doling out blogs on shadowruntabletop.com discussing all aspects of Crossfire

I thought I’d provide the titles and links to those blogs here as an easy way for people to review everything, or just pick and choose what they’re interested in. Starting oldest and flowing to newest at the bottom…enjoy!

Crossfire: Bringing deck-building to the Shadowrun Universe

Shadowrun: Crossfire Overview

Crossfire: Crossing Genres

Caught up in the Crossfire: An interview with Gregory Marques

Crossfire: Cooperating on a Co-op

Crossfire: Buying to Hand

Crossfire: What’s Going to Work? Teamwork!

Crossfire: The Black Market

Crossfire: Damage Tracks

Crossfire: Riding Your Luck until it Explodes: Pacing and Tension

Crossfire: Developing the Metatypes

Crossfire: Taking It To The Next Level

Crossfire: Taking Out The Trash

Crossfire: Why I like to play the Street Samurai: Simplicity with Versatility

Crossfire: Not in the Face!

Crossfire: Decking With Style

Crossfire: Mage in the House

And finally, don’t forget the great Dice Tower review to cap off all of that reading!

Photo 22 Jul 6 notes Shadowrun Online promo sheet

Shadowrun Online promo sheet

Photo 22 Jul 24 notes catalystgamelabs:

Look what showed up!!! These rapid prototypes are just amazing!!!


Look what showed up!!! These rapid prototypes are just amazing!!!

Text 19 Jul 7 notes Shadowrun: Crossfire … Cause, well, Shadowrun!


I’ve posted a fair bit about Shadowrun: Crossfire over the last few months, showing off this great deck-building game that’s almost available.

We just ran a great Virtual Run that ultimately lead to a winner that’ll get a free copy of the game and unlocked the full Demo Kit files so you can be print them out and be playing right now!

But what IS Shadowrun: Crossfire, for those new here? It’s a cooperative-deckbuilding game that moves our abilities to tell fantastic, brutal stories of Shadowrun into a whole new and exciting medium.

Here’s a quick rundown of the game play (as found on the back of the Decker Role Card).


Additionally, you can read the full back cover of the box as well as find an excellent review of the game to get more details on Crossfire.

I’ve been playing the game myself, of course. And I’ve decided Indentured Otaku is one of my top 5 favorite Obstacles, as it captures the essence of Shadowrun so well, IMO.


First, game-mechanic wise, it’s a brutal card with that starting 5 in there. Also, the dual Decker icons, combined with the 2 damage and relatively low payout on the nuyen…just a nice, tough card but you don’t get much out of it.

Second, the Otaku element is something so very Shadowrun. Combined with the wonderful, haunted imagery on the card…again, for me, just captures that “trying to survive despite a soulless world endlessly kicking me down” that is why Shadowrun is alive and kicking better than ever 25 years later.

Enjoy the demo of Crossfire…we’ll be putting it up for pre-sale and announcing a Street Date very soon!


Text 17 Jul [Shadowrun Online] Dev-Diary #4: Spray it, don’t say it.

Shadowrun Online - 11.07.2014 2:57PM

Hi, I’m West,

I am a Devlog virgin. So if things start to get a little awkward soon, you’ll know why.

My tasks are a mix of Art direction and Concept art.

Most of my time is spent jumping from one task to another, like a mechanic with too many cars in his garage and a bad case of ADD. A single day can consist of texture adjustments, environment overpainting, character designs, logo and prop design. Consistently different tasks keeps things interesting. In this Devlog I will be discussing one of these tasks.

Recently we had a meeting, and in that meeting we decided that we needed to have a meeting about the current state of the environments. We discussed what should be fixed on the existing environments, as well as which environments should be made next. The talking stick was passed around the tribe and the choice was made: “We need a nice gritty exterior“.

So now we are in the middle of designing this environment, its mood and the assets that will populate it. Because we are trying to involved the community whenever possible, or maybe because my general work ethic has always been, “how can I achieve more while doing less”, I thought, why not open this task to somebody else. Somebody like you.

Stupidly, I suggested this idea to the team, and not only did they like it, they made it one of my tasks. Hence, I am writing my first ever Devlog, and addressing the masses.

And so it has come to pass, that anybody from the Shadowrun community will have the chance to graffiti bomb the Shadowrun environments with their art. Well I say, “Anybody” what I really mean is, anybody can submit their art and we will pick the ones we want to use. Unaccepted entries will be loaded on to a USB stick, burnt to a crisp then sent to the bottom of the Marianas trench.

Below is listed a few requirements for all Chummers to adhere to, should they wish us to consider their entry.

  1. Entries must be original artwork.
  2. Graffiti art and bombing will be chosen over tagging and scribbles.
  3. Rude and lewd is fine, but might have less chance of making it in to the game.

Format guidelines:

  1. The best format to submit would be a PSD or PNG with a transparent background. Jpg, photos and scanned work is okay too, just be aware that we would then need to cut the artwork out of the image to use it, and this might affect some of the edge work.
  2. The image size should be about 1000pixels height, width.
  3. Try to keep the file size under 500kb.

Please send your contributions and questions to graffiti@cliffhanger-productions.com. The deadline for this event is July the 29th,2014. And remember, this is all happening in the Shadowrun universe, you are not bound by real world conventions.

That’s me for now.

Maybe next time I will actually talk about the art. Maybe.



Text 17 Jul 5 notes Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run: Sneak Peak @ PDF 01/15


We just launched a Shadowrun: Crossfire Virtual Run!

What’s Shadowrun: Crossfire? It’s a fantastic, cooperative-play deck-building game that will soon be hitting store shelves. Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower provides a great video of the game, allowing you to see the components, the game play and ultimately his review.

For this Virtual Run, below you’ll see the cover sheet for PDF 01/15, along with a partial look at 6 of the 8 cards on the card sheet.



 Good luck, chummers!

Some of the PDFs have already been located according to members in the Crossfire: Virtual Run thread.

Text 16 Jul 7 notes [Shadowrun 5] Shadowrun moving forward

By jhardy

Yesterday we had a post updating Missions; today it’s time to talk a little about the main line.

I’m going to start with a disclaimer: Much of this is going to be vague, perhaps frustratingly so. But that’s because there are some things going on that are simply not for public consumption, as they relate to the personal lives of people involved, and I don’t feel appropriate to share some elements in a business post.

The past half-year has been chaotic for Shadowrun. Chaos and lots of work is not new, but the nature of the chaos was different. Some of it involved different systems that have been set up over time, including the proofing system, not working as they had; others involved trying new types of products, and the inevitable mistakes that come with trying something new. Catalyst is a small company, and there is almost no redundancy built into it. When something breaks down, it’s difficult to fix it on the fly, and repairs don’t always come quickly as time is short.

One of the results of this chaos was that product proofing was not what it always should be. That’s not at all the fault of any proofers—it was a problem of my process and Catalyst’s process. As new processes were being built, I made some mistakes in judging what would work. I learned from the mistakes, and they have led to changes that will make the new processes stronger.

The good news is that most of the chaos has now passed. Systems that were not working right are back to regular functioning, or have been rebuilt so that they will work better going forward. Some of this was discussed in yesterday’s post, so one thing you can expect is more regular Missions. What else should you expect?

  • More regular releases of books;
  • More accurate, more reliable rules documents;
  • Release of errata for Run & Gun and Street Grimoire by the end of summer or sooner.

We hope to use the changes and processes we have in place to provide books and more that will improve your Shadowrun experience and make you excited about the options you can introduce to your game!

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