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Anonymous said: Where can I get a copy of Shadowrun Limited Edition Third Edition book?

As far as I know, your only bet is for someone to offer one for sale on eBay.

Video 29 Aug 8 notes

Coming soon: The new Update for Shadowrun Online

Shadowrun Online - 27.08.2014 12:58PM

Hoi, Chummers! We’re currently finishing our work on the 6th Early Access Update for Shadowrun Online, bringing exciting new possibilities to the game! Here’s a sneak peek:

  • Rent-a-Hench: Now that you can play with your self created character, why should you still play with our pre-created henchmen? Choose your companion from a list of Characters other players have created instead!
  • New Metatype: Elves have joined the ranks of the playable races in Shadowrun Online.
  • New Missions: New runs now round out our prequel campaign about finding the missing girl Alisi.
  • Improved Chat: By popular demand we have expanded our chat to feature an in-mission-mode (allowing you to talk to the other player on the map only). Also your nick in the chat matches your character’s name now!

The 6th Early Access update for Shadowrun Online will release on September 3rd!

Video 29 Aug 71 notes

2014’s acclaimed RPG sleeper-hit Dragonfall is back! It’s bigger, better, and now available for the first time as a standalone title. http://store.steampowered.com/app/300550

Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut is a standalone release of Harebrained Schemes’ critically-acclaimed Dragonfall campaign, which first premiered as a major expansion for Shadowrun Returns. The Director’s Cut adds a host of new content and enhancements to the original game: 5 all-new missions, alternate endings, new music, a redesigned interface, team customization options, a revamped combat system, and more - making it the definitive version of this one-of-a-kind cyberpunk RPG experience.

Text 28 Aug 31 notes Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut at PAX Prime


In addition to the new trailer, we’ve also released a full feature list for the game on our brand new “coming soon” page in the Steam store. If you have friends that haven’t experienced Dragonfall - or even Shadowrun - before, give them a heads up!

*If this is your first time hearing about the Director’s Cut, here’s the scoop: It’s a standalone release of our critically-acclaimed Dragonfall campaign that includes a bunch of new content and improvements we’ve made to the game. It’s $14.99, releases September 18th for Windows/Mac/Linux, will be available on Steam, GoG and the Humble Store, and is FREE to all existing owners of Dragonfall (including Backers.) And it’s coming to iOS/Android tablets in ~October. More information and FAQ here.

And one more thing: Dragonfall will be at PAX Prime in Seattle this weekend! Harebrained Schemes will be on the 2nd floor of the Convention Center, Room 209. We’re sharing the space with Green Ronin Games, and we’ll have both Shadowrun: Dragonfall - Director’s Cut and Golem Arcana available to play. Myself and other members of the dev team will be there Friday through Sunday - come by to check out the games or just to say hi!

I hope you enjoyed last week’s dev diary with Andrew about all the new missions and content we’ve added to the Director’s Cut. Check back this Thursday to hear more about the new music with composer Jon Everist - who may even give you a sneak peek at one or two of the new tracks.

Until next time,

- Mike McCain, Game Director

P.S: Here are some new wallpaper images we’ve put together based on the new trailer for your desktop enjoyment!


1920x1080 | 1920x1200


1920x1080 | 1920x1200


1920x1080 | 1920x1200

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Look what I found at Barnes & Noble today! -Matt #Shadowrun pic.twitter.com/A5LFJ0ArSv
— CatalystGameLab (@catalystgamelab) August 26, 2014
Text 28 Aug 26 notes New Shadowrun & BattleTech Fiction!


Grab your new Shadowrun and BattleTech fiction, available in stores in the coming weeks, or grab your electronic copies now!

Shadowrun: Fire & Frost


Counterattack: BattleCorps Anthology Vol 5


Text 26 Aug 7 notes You Going To Be At Pax Prime?!


If you’re going to be a Pax Prime this weekend…enjoy! Total, fantastic sensory over-load of all-things computer games. However, after the main halls close, stop on by Room 213 and enjoy a plethora of great TableTop action.

Here’s a photo of our room last year.


And here’s an announcement of all the games to play and new games we’ll have for sale.

Hope to see ya there!


Link 17 Aug [Missions] Shadowrun Missions - Season 5 FAQ»

FAQ 1.1.1 PDF.

Keep up with Shadowrun Missions via the Facebook page: SRMissions

Text 12 Aug 4 notes [Shadowrun Missions] New Mission Available, “SRM 05-03: Gone Long Gone”

The Deadly Now

This isn’t your first run in Chicago. You may not know every street corner and alleyway, but you know the sprawl well enough that when someone tells you they’ve got a job that “should be easy”—well, it won’t be. It never is. So when you’re offered some money to go retrieve personal items left behind in a pharmaceutical office back before the whole town went to hell, you know you’re going to be dealing with more than dust and a few rats. Once you venture into the Containment Zone, something—probably more than one thing—is going to try to kill you. Not in some vague future, but right now. But you know that about Chicago. You’re ready for something to come after you, and you know that part of the fun is finding out just what it is.

SRM 05-03 Gone Long Gone is the latest Shadowrun Mission set in the deadly sprawl of Chicago. Playable in a single night, but able to be stretched out over multiple sessions if that’s what the gamemaster wants, this is a fun adventure for teams just starting to learn how to get around the city, or for those who have gotten their hands dirty in the sprawl several times over.

SRM 05-03 Gone Long Gone is for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition.

Text 11 Aug [Crossfire] Another Week…and MORE Crossfire Action!

By randall

Another week already gone! And wait, what, this isn’t Tuesday! I know, I know, but I’m on a plane in mere hours and Tuesday will be filled with first day build at Gen Con, so getting this out of the way now.

We’ve had a slew of Shadowrun: Crossfire goodness over the last few weeks: the running of Crossfire Virtual Run that unlocked the Demo Kit rules & cards to an additional Mission, Ambulators, for running with that Demo Kit, from the release of the entire rulebook in PDF to the announced Street Date for Shadowrun: Crossfire (and allowing for online pre-ordering).

This week? Time for another Mission to use alongside your Demo Kit. Below are the front and back of the Mission; you can also scroll to the bottom of the Downloads page and click on the last link (SHADOWRUN: CROSSFIRE DEMO KIT MISSION: Closing The Portal) to download the free PDF. (If you’ve not yet taken a look at the Shadowrun: Crossfire Demo Kit rules and print & play cards, you can find them at the bottom of that page as well.)

You’ll notice that the Mission makes reference to the “Harlequin’s Shadow” Crossfire card. That’s in reference to the unique card that you can get at Gen Con; as noted in our Catalyst At Gen Con 2014 announcement, underneath “Shadowrun: Crossfire”, the first 50 people that purchase Crossfire at Gen Con each day will walk away with this cool promo card!

Enjoy the shadows!



Text 11 Aug 9 notes [Enhanced Fiction] NEW RELEASE: “Nothing Personal” by Olivier Gagnon


Johnson Meets Street

Mr. Johnson. You know the name. You probably know the face—smooth, implacable, professional. He’s got the nuyen and resources you want, and he knows it. He may not have your skills, but he doesn’t care. That’s what he has the nuyen for—so he can buy yours. He’s corporate through and through, and you can’t ever forget that, because if you do, that’s when he sells you out for the good of his corp. But he’ll stay professional, of course, right up until the moment he slides the knife smoothly into your back. He’s useful, that Mr. Johnson, but every time you meet him, every time you have to deal with his double-crosses, his condescending put-downs, his smug superiority, you wish that the day would come when the tables were turned, when he was forced out on the street with nothing but his wits and street skills—whatever those might be—to keep him alive.

Well, good news. Sometimes wishes come true, even in the Sixth World. Mr. Johnson is about to meet the street, and you’ve got a ringside seat.

Nothing Personal is enhanced fiction for the Shadowrun universe, with game stats for some of the major characters included in the document or available at www.shadowruntabletop.com. The stats are for use with Shadowrun, Fifth Edition; the story is for everyone!

You can purchase this story two different ways, but either way it is $1.99.

  • Download a ZIP file of Nothing Personal, with one copy each in the following formats: PDF*, .mobi**, .epub**.
  1. Battleshop
  2. DriveThruRPG
  • Download a proprietary version of Nothing Personal.
  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. B&N Nook

* PDF: Acrobat (Reader); Apple iOS, iBooks, Preview; Kindle; virtually every mobile and desktop platform.

** MOBI: Kindle

*** EPUB: Kobo, Blackberry, Nook, iBooks, Google Books, Sony Reader, EPUBReader (Firefox extension).

Text 11 Aug Shadowrun Online: Live Q&A with Developers
Text 9 Aug 3 notes [Crossfire] Another Week Gone By? Time For The Big Shadowrun: Crossfire PDF Release!

Continuing our weekly release of Shadowrun: Crossfire goodness, we started with our Crossfire Virtual Run, then we announced a Street Date (and you can order it online if you don’t have a local friendly game store near you), and last week released the Mission: Ambulators, designed specifically for use with the Demo Kit rules and print & play cards.

But this week…what many people have been waiting a good long time to see…the full rules!

You can also grab it off of the Downloads page (scroll to the bottom) and it is also available on the Shadowrun: Crossfire BoardGameGeek page (as are all the files released to date).

Text 9 Aug 7 notes Shadowrun At Gen Con 2014

Uh … Wow. I’m going to just hit a couple of highlights, but if you’re going to Gen Con 2014, Catalyst has a very detailed post about what’s hot and new and available to do in Indy.


Catalyst Game Labs will be at Gen Con 2014 in force! We’ve got a slew of great gaming and games to check out at booths 417, 413, 509.



We ran this last year and it was so fantastically successful, we’re bringing it back again this year!

Dive into gaming in the Sixth World like never before as players step into the infamous Dante’s Inferno club in Seattle’s Sprawl. An 8-foot tall, 30-foot long banner creates an immersive 11 foot diameter room were you can learn Shadowrun, Fifth Edition and run the mean streets in the shadows of the megacorps.

Runs must be made by appointment only with our exclusive Dante’s Inferno concierge, and each player of the Shadowrun Experience will not only have memories of a run like no other, but will walk away with a new, free poster!


“I know I sound like I’m talking about a roleplaying game, and it’s not. But it lends itself well to telling a good story.”

– Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

The hotly-anticipated Shadowrun deck-building game is finally here!!!


Shadowrun: Crossfire is a deck-building game crossing cyperpunk with fantasy and plunging players into a world dominated by ruthless megacorporations; Crossfire gives players the chance to dive into the world’s shadows to see if they can survive. They’ll have weapons, spells, contacts, and gear to help them out, and they’re going to need those resources. If they play their cards right, they’ll do more than survive—they’ll become legends.

The first 50 people each day that purchase the Crossfire base game will receive the unique, collector’s item in the Harlequin Character Card, as well as the Harlequin’s Shadowrun: Crossfire Card to play in your games!


You think you know the Shadows? You believe you’ve paid the right price to be a Shadowrunner? Think again chummer! Shadowrun: Crossfire will take you down a new path of mysteries and danger. Harlequin has some big plans for the small group of runners who are willing to risk their very souls to beat the objectives. Invitations to Harlequin’s little soiree are hard to come by.

Come on down to the Indianapolis Convention Center, Rooms 125-127 on Thursday, 14 August at 2200 if you dare to take part in the Shadowrun: Crossfire release event. Crossfire designers Rob Heinsoo, Rob Watkins, and Jay Schneider will be running this event!



The Catalyst Demo Team will be running an avalanche of events for our awesome players. For all of your roleplaying and Crossfire action, visit ICC Room 125-127 (it’s across the hallway from Hall C, catty-corner to the North West), while all your miniatures/other TableTop action can be found in Hall C (same location as last year).

We will have tons of Shadowrun Missions with Fifth Edition goodness.

We will also be running a wide range of Shadowrun: Crossfire games.

And we’ve some additional games focused on specific games and communities. Shadowrun GM Bootcamp-Basic will provide a GM the tools and advice they need to start running Shadowrun; attend the Advanced Bootcamp to gain insight into solving problem areas of GMing Shadowrun. Dress up as your favorite Shadowrun character and join us in the Shadowrun LARP discovering the underbelly of Chicago. Too many runs have you down, laugh it up with our group of GMs at the Whose Run is it Anyway yearly event.

Finally, looking for pickup games after the Exhibit Hall closes? We will have all of our games available in the gaming hall to play with events starting up as soon as we have enough people to play a round.

Please peruse the Gen Con Event listings: www.gencon.com.


Play in aShadowrun: Missions game and walk away with these enamel pins. Or for other games you might get a button. Not to mention for some games you can win a unique pin you won’t find anywhere else!



Randall N. Bills, Catalyst’s Managing Developer, will be in-booth for reviewing game designs from 2PM to 5PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Brent Evans, the Catalyst Art Director, will be in-booth specifically for review of art portfolios Thursday through Saturday, 10AM to Noon and 2PM to 4PM.


As usual, a good chunk of the Gen Con experience is diving into the plethora of new games released just for the show. Below is what we hope to have for our various communities.

(As always, a few caveats: A. We are trying to get all of these items to the show, but there’s a chance some might not make it: simply the luck of the draw when trying to coordinate this many items through five printers from three different countries around the world; B: Some of these items are convention exclusives; C. Non-exclusive items won’t be available in-stores until a later time; once we have Street Dates for any items available to stores we’ll post updates with that data.)

Products listed include:

    • Oni Character Card
      In addition to the rare Harlequin cards provided with the first 50 copies purchased each day (noted above), every copy of the game sold will include the promo Oni Character Card (provided it arrives, of course).
  • STREET GRIMOIRE, Standard Edition, Core Magic Supplement ($49.99)
  • STREET GRIMOIRE, Limited Edition, Core Magic Supplement ($74.99)
  • FIRING LINE, Convention Missions Compilation ($19.99)
  • FIRE AND FROST, Novel ($12.95)
  • RUN & GUN CARDS ($9.99)
Text 7 Aug [Crossfire] Release Event @ GEN CON 2014

Hey all:

Got a little advance announcement to share with you cool people before it goes up on the website. If you’re going to be at Gen Con, you can attend a special release event for Shadowrun: Crossfire, featuring special convention cards and the chance to interact with game designers and various Shadowrun personnel. Awesome Crossfire designers Rob Heinsoo, Rob Watkins, and Jay Schneider will all be running Crossfire games at the event, along with Randall Bills from Catalyst and me, the Shadowrun line developer guy. Space is limited, so sign up now! The event is on Thursday, August 16 at 10 PM. Gen Con has given it the event ID CGM1467533. Hope to see you there!

Jason H.

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